These crispy fish bites are great party canapés and are filling, too. Our nifty nibbles and classy cocktails will get your party started in no time. Get the recipe: Chilly Philly potato cakes. These canapes are bite sized and easy to make to. Our recipe adds parsley and mustard to the filling to give an extra kick of flavour to the delicious stuffed mushrooms. Prawn cocktail by John Torode. Get the recipe: Leek and blue cheese pizza. These individual chocolate and cranberry cheesecake shots look super classy, and if you serve them as dessert you won't have lots of plates to wash up afterwards. You can decorate them in any way you like to theme to your party and the little ones will love helping you to make them if you can find the time to let them help! They are easy to make and your guests will love them. Plus, they only take 10 minutes to prepare. Sprinkle shards of Crunchie bars on top of the chocolate mousse for a simple but impressive finishing touch. Our twisty sausage rolls are sure to please your guests. Jamie's MexicanStyle Prawn Cocktail Recipe in 2020 . With three different fillings, there will be something for everyone. These savoury Parmesan bites are quick, easy and the perfect choice for parties. Similar to filo, but crispier, it's well worth keeping a pack in the freezer, Impressive, quick and easy nibbles to serve at parties or with drinks, Add a taste of Asia to your next party with these irresistible, easy-to-pick-up finger food favourites, Delicately spiced morsels with a cooling yogurt dip - perfect party food, These healthy bites make a great light lunch or snack with a little bowl of sweet chilli sauce, Serve these healthy salmon canapés at a dinner party. Trim the bases of the lettuce hearts, discard the outer leaves and separate the leaves – they need to be about 10cm long and you want about 24 in total. … These lovely little parcels are the perfect size to pop in your mouth. These smoked salmon roses may look fancy but they're actually really easy to make. With a smooth and creamy texture and nutty flavour, these naughty pops will be gone in no time at all! Get the recipe: Christmas canapé crackers. There's nothing worse than turning up to a party and not being able to eat anything, so don't forget your veggie friends! These bites are a great finger food for any get-together. See more ideas about jamie oliver, jamie oliver recipes, appetisers. SERVES 1. Your friends will be so impressed when you tell them you made these delicious free-form cheese and chutney scones. With two sauces to accompany them, they're delicious and healthy too, Try these super-clever caramelised mushroom tartlets on those occasions when you're entertaining and need an exciting canapé, but could do without the faff, Pair the acidity of kimchi with mature cheddar in these fabulous pinwheels. Who said having a gluten-free diet has to be boring? Roasted sweet potato discs are topped with guacamole, soured cream and tomato salsa to make a delicious hot party bite that's also vegetarian and naturally gluten free, so everyone should be able to enjoy them! Buttery pastry and meaty sausage pieces make these a classic treat with a twist - literally. Think savoury bites like Parma ham tarts to pea and prawn crostini to sweet bites, like caramel Nutella lollies. With so many different variations you may now be wondering what actually is a canapé? Covered in sugar, bursting with sweet apple filling and served with cream and an apple purée, these mini doughnuts will be a big hit with your guests. Gordon Ramsay shows Kirstie Allsopp how to present a prawn cocktail properly - layers of sauce, avocado, lettuce and prawns. Jamie Oliver's Christmas Cookbook Recipes Baked . The classic smoked salmon and cream cheese combo is given a modern and healthy twist by adding a little courgette instead of serving it up on bread. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Get the recipe: Caramel cream Nutella lollies. Find ideas for sweet and savoury nibbles, as well as everyone-dig-in sharing dishes like our amazing cheesy choux wreath. Turkish delight, cut up small is the perfect mellow mouthful. Add the prawns to the sauce and stir to coat. These delicious Moroccan chickpea cakes are great for home entertaining. Get the recipe: Peanut butter caramel slice. Light meals & snacks. Get the recipe: Beetroot blinis with garlicky mushrooms. Drain the prawns well, if needed, then toss with 2 tablespoons of the sauce and the fresh peas, to coat.

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