You should place the bin away from the din and bustle as these beings are very sensitive to light and sounds. Reducing trash, saving the earth, and creating free fertilizer makes worm composting worthwhile. 1. So, after having scaled and filleted your fish, you need the fish remains, along with some plant waste such as chips, bark, leaves, and branches. Inside the bin, new worms are born, and old ones die all the time. This ratio will vary over time, with temperature, and at different times of year, because as compost evolves and develops its own biodiversity, microbes and other visitors will consume the organics as well. Every order is sealed and shipped with care and with our customers in mind so you can be assured that your worms will arrive at your door step safe and sound! 4.8 out of 5 stars 40. Worm composting starts with a compost bin that acts as a home for the worms. And in another first for Australia we are the only worm farm that … So, the next time you clean and cook fish do not throw the waste into the bin. It helps to improve the structure of the soil and also helps it to hold more water. 500G is approx 1500 - 2000 worms depending on the size of the worms. Our Composting Worms are prolific at eating, composting and breeding. They break down organic matter quickly and efficiently, turning waste items like leaves and grass clippings into nutrient-rich compost that plants can use. Compost worms can live 2-7 years on average assuming they are healthy and provided with the essentials of living that they require. Council Discounts Available. The next step is to mix one part of fish scrap with three parts of plant waste in a container. Earthworm Benefits. Worms speed up the composting process and increase the nutrient value of the finished product by leaving behind their own castings in the compost. Soggy soil will not support plant life either. Get your Live Composting Worms Here: SORRY WE ARE SOLD OUT AND BREADING OUR STOCK AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE Live Compost Worms 500 Worms $29.00 AUD 1000 Worms $45.00 AUD Delivery Adelaide Metro Area $10.00 AUD Delivery Outer SA Areas $20.00 AUD 2000 worms $85.00 AUD Feed your worms every week and you will see that within a couple of weeks you will have a lot of compost. Shop our collection of Live Composting Worms and Garden Worms. If you intend to catch the European Night Crawler then look for them in your gardens as they thrive there. The worm farms in North America and Europe mainly raise two types of earthworms that are great for both composting and fishing. Free UK Delivery by Amazon . Another popular variety of worm is called The European Night Crawler and is also referred to as Eisenia hortensis or Dendrobaena veneta. Start with one half to one pound of worms, or two nice big handfuls. You can also ensure adequate airflow by mixing newspaper bedding and stirring it. If a worm dies in your bin, you probably will not notice it. How many worms should I start with? Prepare bedding with shredded, moistened newspaper and start adding food scraps over it. The vermicompost is beneficial in providing nutrients to the soil. With over 3 generations of “worm expertise”, and 40 years in the worm business, we are one of the leaders in the worm and worm-related-product industry. These worms live deeper into the soil as compared to the red worms. LIVE EARTHWORMS for garden or making compost at home – Eisenia fetida. Worm Composting How to make a Worm Composter Vermicomposting is the process of using worms to produce rich compost from waste organic material. Worms are not fans of meat products, oil or dairy products, so avoid putting them in your compost pile. 25. There are 250+ worms each kg. Worms are a-sexual and can breed every couple of weeks, … This is an awesome form … We sell their eggs in our Garden Worm Bombs. Since both processes involve the bio... Composting is one of the most interesting parts of gardening – if you’re doing it right. They come in various amounts that will suit projects of any size. 25 Additionally, you can also use a compost activator that helps in increasing the temperature so that the decomposition is accelerated. When the worms die, they leave behind nitrogen and protein to feed the soil. This is because earthworms move and burrow the soil and prefer to live underground. Earthworms improve soil structure in the garden and can transform barren, compacted soil into fertile, loose soil which can support plant life. Check out 500+ Red Worms, Red Wigglers, Compost Earthworms, Organic, Sustainably Raised reviews, ratings, specifications and more at The bedding should occupy nearly half of the bin. A wormery is relatively easy to establish though a few points need to be considered. Ensure that the bin has holes in it for the worms to stay alive. So you might be wondering as to how they function … Research also suggests that using fish worms for composting improves the overall health of the soil by improving aeration, promoting internal drainage and providing good bacteria. You have to carry scraps outside and dump them into the bin. The body of an earthworm is made up of ring-like segments that are covered with stiff bristles that enable it to move around. These plots are filled with scrap building material, trash and other debris, plus they often have a lot of foot traffic that would ultimately create major soil compaction problems.