5 prospects the Chicago Bears should target in the 2017 NFL Draft

Needs: So many needs. A ton of needs. The Bears aren’t drafting at No. 3 overall because of bad luck it’s because they have a bad team, and Chicago could pretty much pick a player at any position and justify it. The most pressing needs are on the defensive side of the ball defensive line and cornerback stand out, but safety, and insidelinebacker aren’t exactly overflowing with talent either but Chicago coulda also use a few wide receivers, a tight end, a couple of offensive linemen, and a quarterback.

Picks: First Round wholesale sports jerseys (3), Second Round (36), Third Round (67), Fourth Round (111,117), Fifth Round (147), Seventh Round (221)

Kizer has the highest upside of any quarterback in this draft class, and frankly, I don’t see it as being all that close. He’s a somewhat infuriating prospect, because he can make all the throws, and then some, but Wholesale Chinese Jerseys at times finds it nearly impossible to complete a five yard toss into the flat. Still, it’s shocking that he looks like he could fall out of the first round as the fourth (!!!) quarterback selected. The Bears signed Mike Glennon in the offseason, but he’s clearly a stop gap option under center Chicago can move on from him whenever they want. That wholesale new orleans saints jerseys said, he gives the Bears an opportunity to draft a quarterback who might need a year on the bench, as Kizer does. He has an incredible arm, prototypical frame, is lauded for his intelligence and comes from an offensive system at Notre Dame that should make his transition to the NFL level much easier. If this guy is availableat the start of the second round, the Bears have to take him.

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Chicago’s move to a 3 4 base defense last yearwas let’s go with shaky. The difficulty in transition was particularly evidenton the defensive line. The Bears need for a nose tackle (0 or 1 wholesale football jerseys technique) and at least one5 technique is huge. Don’t be surprised if they address the defensive end issue early perhaps with Alabama’sJonathan Allen at No. 3. But when it comes to a nose tackle, there isn’t a Day 1 pick to be had. In fact, the first true 0 technique might not gountil the third or fourthround. Oh, and he might be the smartest player in the draft. Chicago would be wise to cash in an extra pick to move up to land him in thesecond round.

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Five of the top six scorers in the NFL last season were kickers. A great kicker can change an offense meanwhile,Chicago hasConnor Barth, who is replacement level at best. Gonzalez is a day 2talent who might fall to day 3 because of the stigma around drafting a kicker early (particularly after Roberto Aguayo’s struggles last year.) He went 16 for 16 inside of 50 yards and 7 nnnjerseys.com for 9 from 50 plus his senior season. He’s a weapon and for a team that’s looking to land long term weapons, he’s worthy of a mid round pick.

A late round pick Mathis is a strong scheme fit for the Bears’ defense, as he can play both standing up and with his hand on the ground. He was tremendously productive in his senior year, registering 20 hurries on 114 pass rushingsnaps and showing stoutness against the run,though the small sample size, because ofinjury, has significantlyhurt his draft stock. He’s not particularly athletic or twitchy, and the success that he had wasn’t against the best competition, but as a pick in the 200s, he could well be worth the gamble he can be a depth outside linebacker with the upside to be a starter down the line with good coaching.

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